Sunday, April 5, 2015

Typhoon Maysak Melts Away As It Hits Philippines

"From a super typhoon a week ago, we now have a tropical depression. We are spared once more from a natural disaster." - Alexander Pama, Executive Director of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Latest update from Yahoo News is that the Typhoon has dissolved into a tropical depression as it made landfall today - which is wonderful news. In the Cavite mission area we have not seen any rain thus far, but skies are cloudy and dark. You can expect email tomorrow as usual (our Monday) unless something happens overnight to make it dangerous for the missionaries to go out of their apartments. As of right now we do not foresee that happening.

Maysak, which carried winds of about 250 kph (155mph) at its peak, killed nine people as it barreled through the sparsely populated Federated States of Micronesia east of the Philippines, smashing houses and destroying crops.

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  1. i hope you get the aid you need. I have a brother their, usa born