Thursday, April 9, 2015

April MLC

Last months MLC was held in conjunction with a visit from Elder Echo Hawk, so this month it is nice to get back into our usual routine and have it at the mission home. We are still at number 32 for attendees with 10 zones and 5 STL companionships, but this number may drop as our mission numbers continue to decrease at each transfer.

The monthly theme for April is Honesty - as in being honest with ourselves and to the Lord. We are battling some disobedience within the ranks and the theme is an effort to redefine our focus as missionaries and to remember the promises and covenants made prior to accepting the call. MLC was centered on that theme. Our wonderful zone leaders and sister training leaders take the theme and present it to those they have stewardship over. Their hard work and leadership is greatly appreciated by President and Sister Tye.
Elder Matina and Elder Hansen teaching
Elders' Goldthorpe, Haufano, Shimbashi, and Baniago
Elders' Christensen, Collins, and Dennison
Elders' Santillan, Jimeno, and Leaupapatele
Sisters' Dryer, Domantay, Calder, and Mitsvotai
Elders' Jimeno, Calaunan, and Rindlisbacher
Elders' Reyes, Calaunan, Nielsen, and Jenkins
Sisters' Calder, Bergeson, and Eddington
President Tye and Sister Dryer have a chat.
 Sister Patolo found a quiet place to read.

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  1. Thank you Sister Tye! You just made my whole week. :)