Friday, April 24, 2015

Specialized Training

Every third month is designated as a "Specialized Training" month. This means that President can select certain areas, or missionaries to receive needed training or instruction. 
Today, the Zone Leaders and District Leaders met with President Tye at the mission home to receive further training on BCR's (Baptismal Confirmation Records), District Activities, Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion, plus CSP's (Community Service Projects).
The sister missionaries met with Sister Tye at the Bacoor Stake and had training on Budgeting Their Support, Healthy Foods and Recipes, Match the Message (dressing and acting as missionaries), and making Memory Banks. The sisters also received instruction on Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion, plus they ended their day with a talk by Sister Tye.
I don't know about the elders, but the sister missionaries had a great day. We all seem to get re-energized when these kinds of meeting take place. Today our lamps were refilled with oil.

Sister's Day
Preparations were started early. Children's banks were purchased and scrapbook paper was gathered for one of the classes. Material was cut and sewn into Kleenex holders to go along with the talk. Our Senior Couples were amazing in their preparations and the classes they taught. By the time the day was over, the sisters were so happy and filled with the spirit and love for the Savior.
'Be The Chocolate Chip' Kleenex holders were cut and sewn.
 We bought 75 children's coin banks. These will be made into Memory Banks - to put little notes and/or thoughts of tender mercies that happen to the sisters during their mission. These little banks have to be cut open, so they will stay sealed until the sisters get home. At that time they will enjoy the special memories inside. Each one was as unique and beautiful as each of our sister missionaries. 
Elder and Sister Petersen taught this class.
 Sisters' Su'a, Moromi, Vaitaki, Dariagan, and Bodota 
 Sisters' Devi, Aukitino, Dryer, and Rodgers
Sisters' Hale, Talataiga, and Seleue
Completed Memory Banks
 Sister Richards taught the Healthy Eating class and she made a cookbook for each apartment - filled with recipes using local ingredients. 
Menu planning
 Sister Patolo and Sister Domantay taught a class on "Match the Message." Sister Raterta and Sister Gecaraya joined in the lesson and did some cute skits about the principles that were taught. They were so funny and "spot on" to some the of problems we see in the mission.
 As part of their presentation, the sisters were asked to take 2 minutes and make a modest yet cute skirt or shirt out of a garbage bag. He have some very creative sisters!
Sisters' Balena, Picar, Ballatan, and Atay
Sisers' Campos, Sani Obrien, Villanueva, and Ramil
Lunch Break 
 Sisters' Rodgers, Bihag, and Aukitino
 Sister Sala and Sister Su'a
 Sister Estorgio, Sister Ma'asi
 Sisters' Pedroso, Van Tassel, and Aguinaldo
Sisters' Labarda, Calunod, Delos Santos, Magro, Tampac, and Pedroso
 Sisters' Dryer, Calder, and Mitsvotai
 Lumpia, pineapple chicken, vegetables, Mechado, and Oreo cheesecake pie.
 Sister Semilota, and Sister Fa'alogo
Sisters' Perez, Va'enuku, Vaitaki, Sefeti, Seleue, and Delos Santos
 Sister Raterta and Sister Dizon
Sisters' Semilota, Balena, Rodgers, Picar, Abarquez, Adriatico, and Gecaraya
The sisters of the Philippines Cavite Mission.

Zone Leader / District Leader Meeting
 I took a lot of pictures at the sisters meeting, yet President only had a chance to take a few of the elders. 
Hahaha - notice there are no decorations on the tables, or even tablecloths. I love it.
Elder Roberts and Elder Erickson 
 Elder Johnston and Elder Neilsen teaching


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