Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Welcome Sign

The March 2015 batch have arrived.
 Sister Garcia
 Sister Villanueva
Sister V. is a temporary Cavite missionary and is waiting for a Visa clearance to take her to Australia.
 Sister Campos
Sister C. is also a temporary Cavite missionary. She will be heading to Las Vegas, Nevada when her Visa comes through.
 Sister Su'a
Sister Cano 
 Elder Espinoza
 Elder Damaso
 Elder Martinez
 These are the two who will leave us - I think I will hide them!

Meeting Their First Companion And Trainer
 Sister Garcia and Sister Kaio
 Sister Batingal and Sister Villanueva
 Sister Ortile and Sister Su'a
 Sister Ramil and Sister Compos
 Sister Lao and Sister Cano
 Elder Damaso and Elder Corpus
 Elder Calpito and Elder Martinez
 Elder Espinoza and Elder Mariano
 Welcome to the Philippines Cavite Mission!

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