Monday, March 23, 2015

Hot Diggity Dogs!

The Las Piñas and Bacoor zones were treated to a hot dog lunch and movie on P-day this week. They earned this opportunity because the missionaries in these zones averaged 6 or more investigators at a Sacrament Meeting. Whoot! Whoot! Along with their barbecued hot dogs they had watermelon, spaghetti salad, chips, (they cleaned us out of chips!), ice cream, cookies, and President Tye's famous brownies. The best part of our day was watching Meet The Mormon's. We set up the movie screen and all 45 of us sat and watched the show. It was fun listening to all of them laugh - I love the missionaries!
Sister Hale
Elder Gonzaga, and Elder Sison
Sister Lacsamana
Elder Baylon and Elder Dennison
Sister Domingo, Elder Padilla, Sister Abasanta, Sister Bihag
Elders Sison, Matangi, Gonzaga, and Flitton. Sister Havili
Elder Javier, Sister Arbarquez, Sister Adriatico, Sister Labarda
Elders Matangi, Elder Sison, Elder Gonzaga, Elder Parcon, and Elder Dennison
Elder Ritter, Sister Havili, and Sister Lacsamana
Sister 'Eteaki
Elder Rodrigo and Elder Cole
Sisters Gecaraya, Clifton, and Abarquez
Elders Ritter, Baylon, Rindlisbacher, Burbidge, and Collins
Elder Matangi ripped his pants - and he did a great job of it. Luckily Sister Tye has a sewing machine. He is sitting here waiting until I finish the repair work.
Sister Aguinaldo has her hands in Elder M&M - the candy man.

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