Saturday, December 6, 2014

Typhoon Update

Pictures outside the Mission Home on Saturday morning,
December 6, 8:45 a.m.

Yesterday, Friday December 5, President Tye sent an email to every missionary's parent and Stake or Branch President about Typhoon Ruby and our preparation for it. As of this morning, we are finding out that the emails have not been received by the parents, and are most likely floating through an internet "black hole" somewhere. Below is the contents of the letter that was sent and hopefully all will receive the email soon. We wanted you to know that we are preparing and praying. I also have added a few pictures for you to see the information we are receiving of the typhoons path and hardest hit areas.
Dear Philippines Cavite Mission Missionary Family and Leaders,

I am writing to inform you of the situation in our Mission relating to your Missionary and the pending impact of Typhoon Ruby.  The Church and our Mission have been observing this storm for days and have made numerous preparations for its arrival.  The track of the storm should be south of our mission, but we will have some wind and rain as the margins of typhoon will be felt here.  It is also possible that the path could go further north and we would be impacted directly.  If that happens, we are lucky because we are located far enough north and west that much of the energy of the storm will be expended by the time it reaches us.

In any event we are preparing for a significant storm. All of our missionaries have been instructed to review our Mission emergency preparedness procedure including personal safety procedures, storing adequate water supplies for their use and enough food to see them through. These supplies would be in addition to their 72 hour kits that each missionary owns within our Mission.  They have also been instructed to keep their cell phones charged.  We have a calling tree in place for rapid communication if needed across the mission.  Each missionary has been instructed to have 1000 Pesos in small bills ready for an emergency.
If the safety of the Missionaries is at all in question, we will be keeping the missionaries safely inside their apartments.  It is the plan to be very cautious and if we error administratively, it will be our intent to error to the side of safety.

If the storm compromises our electrical or Internet infrastructure, this will affect your ability to communicate with your Missionary. If this happens, you will receive your normal weekly email late next week from your missionary.  I, as the Mission President of your Missionary, and the Church will report again when the storm is finished regarding the safety of your missionary.

Please pray for those who will be impacted by this typhoon including all residents of the Philippines, the Missionary force here and all members of the Church.
Thank you for your support and for your love and concern for your Missionary. Sister Tye and I love them as our own, and pray for their safety and well being during this upcoming storm.

Douglas C. Tye
Mission President
Philippines Cavite Mission


  1. Thank you so much for the information and pictures. We appreciate you both and all you do!


  3. We are so grateful to you for keeping us updated on the current events in the Cavite Mission - especially Typhoon Ruby! Thank you, for all you & President Tye do for our Missionaries - We appreciate you both so much!