Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Flooding Of King Benjamin's Tower

We have this cool overhang over our front door. I call this little spot King Benjamin's tower because it reminds me of the place King Benjamin might have stood to address his people in Mosiah chapter 2. Unique? Yes, but there are three problems with it - Rain, leaves, and a never ending clogged drain. From the second story you can see how it is open. There is a drain to one side and the water runs down a pipe hidden in the post. During the rainy season we watch this landing because it can fill up with water.  
Usually President Tye or I climb over this balcony railing from the bedroom and onto KB's tower. We move the leaves from the drain, usually throwing them over the side and the water freely runs down the drain. We have often joked about just letting it fill up and pretending it is our hot tub. 
  Anyway, this week we had a pretty heavy rain storm and we were gone from home. Our house help was ironing in the upstairs bedroom that is adjacent to K.B's Tower, and she didn't notice that it was quickly filling up with water. Do you see the outlet on the wall in the above picture? It is the same outlet that is in the picture below - that goes into the house. This is where the iron was plugged in. The Tower filled with water and came in through the outlet and into the house. At that exact moment, we drove up and came into the house. Our house help was upstairs throwing towels on the floor, and President ran upstairs, climbed over the railing, stood on the ledge, and pulled the leaves off the drain by sticking his arm into the water. Water was pouring over the sides and even down into the light fixture on the front porch entry.
 It wasn't until after the rush and worry about water that we realized that both the President and the house help could have been electrocuted. (as she also reached down and pulled the plug from the iron out of the wall when the water was running through the outlet.)
 President Tye stood on the corner ledge and reached his arm into the water to remove the leaves from the drain. Scares me to think he could have even slipped and fallen. 
The FM group tried to keep the leaves from covering the drain until they could make a cover for it. I wish I had a picture of it now. It is covered with a very nice wire cage to keep leaves out but let the water in.

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  1. Sounds like everyone was being watched over. That could have been awful. Glad you are all okay.