Thursday, September 4, 2014

September MLC

Here comes September! This will be the busiest month we have had so far. MLC starts out the month, followed by 2 weeks of interviews, and 2 Zone Conferences. Whew! That's a lot to jam into one month but we can do it!
We arranged our home a little differently this time when getting ready for MLC. Every piece of furniture in the living room was moved out to make room for the 10 tables and 32 chairs to accommodate all the missionaries who join us each month. (Sister Rivero and Sister Lizada missed this month because of illness.) Those speaking and giving instruction during the meeting will stand at the base of the stairs and look south towards the sliding glass windows. The "General Authority Room" was filled with chairs, lamps, and tables - the piano was moved into the dining room. After everything was set up and ready to go, we decided we liked it this way, and so every month President and I will follow this same routine the night before MLC. But when "Amen" is said and the meeting is over, everyone jumps up and helps get the mission home all put back together in no time at all.
The theme for the mission this month is:
We Will Be An Instrument In The Lord's Hands As We Work Together In UNITY. 
Enjoy the pictures of our day!
 Sister Chamberlain, Sister Arnson, and Sister Jones in the back.
 Elder Espinoza - crown and scepter made from straws
Elder Collins and the "Straw King"
Selfie Sisters 
 Sisters: (top) Beus, Chamberlain, Arnson
(sitting) Saavedra, Jones, Folau, Me, Murphey, and Davey
 Elder Isip, Elder Acosta, Elder Cauilan
Elder Jimeno
 Sister Chamberlain leads the music
 Elders: Cabeza, Acosta, Phillips, Crocker
Sisters: Arnson, Davey, Folau, Beus 
 Look how sweetly these sisters look at me. Oh how I love them!
Elder Perkins   
Elder Rindlisbacher photo bombs Sister Chamberlain
An all around fun group to be with!

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