Friday, September 19, 2014

Interview Week

I missed the first week of interviews because of knee problems. President Tye left me home to rest and because of that, I didn't get any pictures of the zones that were visited. When the second week of interviews came around I was ready to get back into action, but instead of walking around and taking pictures myself, I gave my camera to the zone leaders and let them take pictures for me. I ended up with a lot of fun and interesting photos.
Enjoy the following pictures of our happy missionaries having cookies and getting a chance to visit with President and Sister Tye.

Silang Zone
 Elder Ripdos and Elder Talingdan
Sister Ma'u, Elder Baylon, Elder Pedong, Elder Amora, Elder Tomas, Elder Talingdan
Sister Gecaraya, Sister Mendoza, Sister Sani Obrien, Sister Hale

Dasmariñas Zone
 Elder Lasley
 Elder Sandot, Elder Lagudas
 Elder Doloritos, Elder Rindlisbacher
 Elder Ballantyne, Elder Lasley, Elder Lagudas, Elder Jenkins
Elder Rindlisbacher, Elder Doloritos
 Sister Tiritit, Sister Raterta, Sister 'Auaea, Sister Dizon
 Sister Hingano, Sister Bihag, Elder Lorenzo
Sister Murphey, Sister Dizon, Sister 'Auaea

Las Piñas Zone
Sister Delos Santos, Elder Perkins, Sister Bodota, Sister Batingal,
Elder Christensen, and Sister Failauga
Elder Arsenal, Elder Labitad, Elder Erickson, Elder Devinuwara, Elder Utai,
Elder Perkins
Elder Utai

Muntinlupa Zone
 Elder Lagunda, Elder Moshier, Elder Dennison, Elder Salem, Elder Apuhin
 Same group + Elder Parohinog

 Sister Picar, Sister Passey, Sister Bergeson, Sister Havili,
Elder Tago
 Elder Tago changed the number of cookies per person from 4 to 8.
 Sisters Picar, Dariagan, and Havili
 Sister Bergeson and Sister Wellayan
 Elders Parohinog, Lilly, and Fisher
Sisters Seleue, Sala, and Kaio

San Gabriel Zone
 Sister Jones and Sister Chamberlain
 Sister Perez, Elder Larisma, Elder Jimeno, Elder Lulab, Elder Roda, Elder Alvior
Elder Roda, Sister Perez, Sister Clifton, Sister Va'enuku, Sister Dulay and Elder Larisma

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