Saturday, May 28, 2016

Miscellaneous Pictures Of May

 Here is a mixture of monthly events -

 Six sisters in a trike? They all squeezed in - I was just there for the picture.
 Sister Silbasa and Sister Lisaca having a rest with Sister Tye.
 President Tye baptizes in San Pedro 3
 Happy Birthday to President Tye on May 11th.
 After many unsuccessful hair cuts and color at local beauty shops, I decided to cut my own hair. Goodbye 4".
 Placing flags at the American Cemetery in Manila on Memorial Day weekend.
 Memorial Day service with our Senior Couples.
 MLC for May 
Elder & Sister Simon talked about the importance of having 72hr backpacks filled and ready for an emergancy. They also showed us what they are finding when the apartments are inspected. Sad but true, most of the missionaries do not keep their 72hr backpacks filled and ready. The bags are filled to pass inspection, then the missionaries are eating the contents. 
 Remodel work at the mission home.
Preparation for the arrival of President and Sister Speirs.
 Visit from one of our RM's and his family.
So wonderful to meet the Rindlisbacher family!!!
 My classroom setup for the Stake Relief Society workshop on May 7th. The topic was, "Preparing our children (and I added families) for missionary work." I prepared an activity and handouts for 150 sisters and came home with an extra 5. That was pretty close to right on. 
 In May the Mission President Seminar was held in Cebu. We were very excited to fly to another island, and Cebu is beautiful. The Cebu Temple has now become one of our favorites!
 I was suffering from food poisoning and could not eat my nuts and M&M's. That is pretty sad!
 The most wonderful people I know! You can tell that we have given so much to our callings - we all look exhausted! I will love these dear six friends forever. We have listened, loved, hugged, cried, and laughed together for the past three years. A special bond will always connect us. The phrase "You Are In The Philippines" will always remind us of each other.
 Elder & Sister Broadbent, and Elder Laws in our monthly meeting with the Senior Couples.

The three pictures below are phone messages that President and I sent to each other. I copied them because they are dear to our Philippine experience.
 President to me - he is stuck in traffic and sent me this message so I will know why he is late getting home.
 Me to President - according to WAZE, EDSA was clear at 3:10pm! Never ever is EDSA in the green! Must have been election day because this never happens. I had to record the moment, unbelievable.
President and I are having a conversation and I copied this to remind me at a later date of how busy and dedicated we were to pressing forward.
10:56am - I just hung up the phone from scheduling a date for our household items to be packed and shipped back to the United States . . . and I'm crying. President comforts me.
2:19pm - I needed to make cookies for an upcoming event and I was tired.
8:08pm - President is frustrated with the traffic but prays for patience.

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