Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye

We miss them already!
Breakfast at IHop
Elders Larisma, Javier, Labitad, Palabrica, Alvior, Dulay, Abad, Aguillon, Lorenzo and Tanga-An. Sister Devi is leaving us too and is in the very back.
Also in this picture but not leaving are the Assistants: Elders Sison, Elder Ramos, and Elder Flitton
Manila Temple
Elder Aguillon, Sister Devi, and Elder Javier
Elders Alvior, Labitad, Palabrica, and Dulay

Project Pie For Dinner
Sister Devi, Elder Alvior, Elder Dulay
Elder Sison, Elder Abad, Elder Javier, Elder Palibrica
Elder Lorenzo
Elder Flitton, Elder Ramos, and President Tye
Elder Larisma, Elder Tanga-An, Elder Lorenzo, Elder Abad
 CLS Certificates

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