Saturday, February 20, 2016

Specialized Training

We received some training videos from the Missionary Department. In order for everyone to view them, we visited each zone and watched, took notes, and discussed the presentation. This meant that President and I watched the videos about 9 times - - and each time we learned something new. I am constantly amazed at the way the Spirit teaches and instructs me. Here a little, there a little, step by step. Same thing happens when I read the scriptures. 
First of all, certificates are passed out to four missionaries who received high ratings on their CLS test. Congratulations to Sister Ferrer, Sister Abasanta, Elder Nicolas, and Elder Caligurian.
Sister Priest, Elder Lazaro, Elder Baticbatic, Sister Miranda, Sister Elacion, Elder Yocte, and Elder Reyes

Finishing up the Ties
When a missionary has completed their mission, they decorate a necktie and hang it on the upstairs handrail at the mission home. It is a promise to us that they will Hold To The Rod and Endure To The End. A few years ago, one of our AP's named it,
Tying Ties At The Tye's.
A wall hanging and quilt are being made from these neckties, so we needed to change our plans and get everyone's necktie ASAP. The seamstress is waiting to start working on them.
After we finished the Missionary Training video, the missionaries colored and decorated a necktie. We now have ties from every missionary.
 This picture was taken of the handrail in August 2013 - the first farewell batch. The handrail looks pretty bare.
This picture was taken today. Look at all the neckties we have gathered. Each one represents a missionary that was part of our mission. As we read the name on each one, President and I can clearly remember all of them. We can see their faces, we know their personalities. They will always be a huge part of our life.

Elder Lagunda
Elder Bajan
Elder Palabrica
Sister Gabalfin and Sister Garcia
Elder and Sister Petersen
Sister Talataiga and Elder Badger, Elder Seeley, Elder Golden
Elder Jury and Elder Espinosa
Elder Reyes
Elder Pedong
Elder Orbillo
Elder Cook
Elder Sandot and Elder Yocte

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