Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May Interviews

During the month of May we interviewed all the missionaries in the mission. We visit them according to Zones. This process
takes us two weeks to complete. President Tye does a 'one on one' interview, and this time he talked to each of the missionaries about Preach My Gospel. Becoming a PMG missionary is vital to the success of a mission.
I usually do group interviews. With typhoon season approaching, I talked about emergency preparedness. I checked to see if they had the correct amount of peso's in their emergency fund, and the zone with the most missionaries who had all their emergency funds at the approved amount was the Carissa Zone. Great Job Carissa Zone!!! I also looked at each 72hr kit that every missionary is responsible to fill and have ready at a moments notice. The kits (or backpacks) are really heavy and all of the missionaries brought them to me to inspect - 196 to be exact. My two favorite 72hr. kits belonged to Elder Boam and Elder Yocte. Excellent work Elders! I also showed a short video on what to do in an Earthquake.

There are a lot of pictures of our two week interviews. I will post them without names - well maybe a few - just because it will take forever if I do.
 On our way - day one. 
Elder Seau and Elder Villegas answer a questionnaire from
President Tye
 Sister Bihag, Sister Lao, and Sister Cano watching the earthquake video.
Elder Matina eating a cookie.
Elder Del Rosario and Elder Boam watch the video.
 Elder Goldthorpe
 Elder Espinoza and Elder Mataele

I can't finish this post without a picture of my cookie fail. For interviews I needed to make 600 cookies. The best way to do this is by making cookie bars instead of individual cookies. So I needed to make 25 sheets of cookie bars. Below is a picture of one batch that I accidentally put double the baking soda in. As it made a mess of the oven, I quickly grabbed my camera. Ha-ha!
The missionaries ate them anyway!

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