Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Welcome Sign And Orientation

Today we welcomed 5 new missionaries to Cavite. 
Elder Bilog, Elder Ramos, Elder Lye, Sister Stevenson, and Sister Sleight
Orientation and Meeting Trainers
 Sister Stevenson and Sister Sani Obrien
 Sister Sleight and Sister Maa'si
 The AP's - couldn't do this without them.
 Elder Ramos and Elder Toldeo
Elder Jenkins and Elder Lye 
 Elder Labitad and Elder Bilog

Welcome Sign
 Sister Sleight
 Sister Stevenson
 Elder Lye
 Elder Bilog
Elder Ramos 
These two beauties are not new, but wanted a picture with me at the Welcome sign. Sister Hale and Sister Havili.

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