Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Welcome Sign And Orientation

Welcome to our nine newest Elders and Sisters!
This is the smallest group we have welcomed since the opening of the Cavite Mission in July 2013. We could immediately tell that this is a faithful and strong group. The 7 who came from the Provo MTC arrived in the Philippines a week ago and have been staying at the Manila MTC getting all of their immigration papers taken care of. It was there that they met the others and became a batch of 9. They came to us today ready to get away from MTC life and begin serving the Lord as full time missionaries.
 Elder Mataele
 Elder Seeley
 Sister Talataiga
 Elder Cahan
 Elder McClellan
 Elder Boam
 Sister Moromi
 Elder Turituri

 Elder Flitton
 Elder Cahan, looks like he got some air, but the cameraman cut him out. Thanks to President I had the best jump of the day and didn't hurt my knees at all. 

We gathered the new missionaries and their trainers at the Molino chapel for orientation. Right before lunch we joined them into companionship's.
 Elder Coffey and Elder Durfee are the AP's and they spoke about the 12-week program.

Since we have a small group I will post the companionship's.
 Sister Labarda and Sister Moromi
 Sister Talataiga and Sister Eddington
 Elder Boam and Elder Espiritu
 Elder Hora and Elder Flitton
 Elder Kauer and Elder Mataele
 Elder Calaunan and Elder McClellan
 Elder Nicolas and Elder Seeley
Elder Creager and Elder Cahan 
Elder Turituri and Elder Lasley


  1. Sister Tye, thank you so much for all of these pictures. We haven't seen a picture of Elder Boam since we dropped him off at the MTC. It does my heart good to have him in your watchful care, and serving under the direction of President Tye! We love you!

  2. Wow! A lot of foreigners! Haha I am getting nervous to speak them in english language. Hahaha I am not fluent in it. :(