Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking Care Of Business

We still do not know where we will be serving as Mission President, but in the mean time we have so many things to do in preparation for the day we leave. "Overwhelmed" is a perfect word to describe how we are feeling as we look ahead to what the next four months will be like.
The tender mercies started coming as soon as the call was made to us. Our son graduated in December from Utah State with a degree in Marketing and immediately found employment with a fantastic company in Duluth, Georgia. His twin sister is getting married on June 8th, which was planned long before our call came and yet the wedding will take place 2 weeks before we enter the MTC on June 22nd. My mother, who has been living with us, found a place to live and will be loved and taken care of while we are away. Our car and Doug's beloved Gold Wing sold in record time. We are still not sure what we will do with our home. We keep going back and forth between selling it or renting it.
Most of our time is being spent in preparing for the mission by studying Preach My Gospel and working with a tutor at the Provo MTC. We have also listened to the CD's of last years Mission President's Seminar - which are amazing. We are so happy and blessed to be involved with this work!

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