Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome December Batch

Twenty new missionaries arrived on December 2nd. After arriving to the mission office, they spent the day in orientation and meeting their new companion/trainer. What a great group of new elders and sisters! 
Orientation at the Mission Office
 Sister Harvey is giving instructions on ordering supplies.
 Elder & Sister Petersen are instructing the new missionaries about sending and receiving mail and the CLS program.

Meeting Their Trainers and Having Lunch
 Awaiting the announcement of new companionship's. 
 Elder Balenaveikau and Elder Manabat
 Elder Manabat is a strong trainer. 
 Elder Puasan and Elder Christensen
 Elder Masima and Elder Bilog
Elder Masima loves his Tatay!
 Sister Bastillo and Sister Palle
 Elder Tedrow and Elder Amora
 Sister Silbasa and Sister Fa'aoa
  Sister Pacquiao and Sister Calica
 Sister Alcober and Sister Musni
Sister Thomas and Sister Verances 
 Elder Alifante and Elder Abad
 Elder Fangufangu and Elder Pascual
 Sister Manzano and Sister Tau
 Sister Balderama and Sister Swanson
 Elder Cook and Elder Alvior
 Sister Bricenio and Sister Lolohea
 Elder Javier and Elder Wu
 Sister Barrameda and Sister Alapa
 Elder Orongan and Elder Castillo
 Elder Serrano and Elder Calpito
 Sister Fernandez and Sister San Diego

At The Welcome Sign
 Sister Baldarama
 Sister Bastillo
 Sister Tau
 Sister Fa'aoa
 Sister Lolohea
 Sister Barrameda
 Sister Verances 
 Sister Alcober
 Sister Fernandez
Sister Calica 
 Elder Balenaveikau
Elder Wu 
 Elder Alifante
 Elder Christensen
 Elder Serrano
 Elder Cook
 Elder Tedrow
 Elder Masima
Elder Fangufangu 
Elder Castillo

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  1. Great to see our missionary in your midst! Thanks for posting these pictures!!!