Friday, August 21, 2015

Typhoon Goni

We have received a few worried texts from missionaries about the storm we are having today. Everyone is okay, but they are starting to think we are in the middle of the latest typhoon. Typhoon Goni is definitely letting us know that he is grumpy and in the mood for dumping rain and blowing wind on Cavite mission - BUT WE ARE NOT IN ITS DIRECT PATH. The eye of the typhoon is a little over 300 miles to the northeast of us and heading for Taiwan and then continuing on to Japan. We are keeping updated by checking the satellite images from All missionaries are fine and we do not expect any problems with this latest storm - except wet missionaries. I am posting the storm track maps from so you can see the route of the typhoon. 
Cavite Mission is at the bottom of this map. Find Manila, and we are right below that. Look at how Goni is making a right turn at the corner of North Luzon and Calagan Island. We have a mixture of tropical weather going on here, and that is why we are getting so much rain. It looks to me like Goni (the typhoon) and Habagat (a Southwest Monsoon) are having a territorial quarrel on the same turf.
The satellite picture above shows it perfectly. See Goni? Okay now look south - see the other clouds pushing against Goni? This is the Southwest Monsoon. Goni is enhancing the rains we are getting from the monsoon. There really is a power struggle going up there. But, typhoon Goni is is the "big kid on the playground" and he is ruling the sky this weekend. Our prayers to those who are in its path.

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