Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Setting Apart

On Friday, June 21st, Doug and I were set apart as President and companion/missionary of the Philippines, Cavite Mission by Elder Quentin L. Cook and Tad R. Callister. Four of our children and their families were there and we took the opportunity to take some pictures in the courtyard around the Church Administration Building. 
Here we are with 6 of our 8 grandchildren. Two more granddaughters will join the family in November.

The best part of my setting apart was when Elder Callister
told me that my experience in the Philippines will not be an
experience to ENDURE, but  to ENJOY.
I plan on doing just that!


  1. President and Sis. Tye, Congratulations!You will really enjoy your mission stay here in our country, most especially your stay in our beautiful place, Cavite.:)

  2. We went to Sacrament in the Las Pinas 2nd ward today and I agree with you - I am going to enjoy my stay in the Cavite area. It is filled with many beautiful, kind, loving, and gracious people!

  3. I hope you don't mind me visiting your blog on occasion. My parents are Elder and Sister Davis, who are serving in your Mission office. My parents are blessed to be able to serve with you and your husband.

    Denette Steen

  4. Don't mind at all. I can't wait to meet your parents. I need their help - I'm a little bit newer than they are and could use a hug from your mom. -hey, I'll give her one from you too.