Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy Weekend

On Friday April 5th, President Tye and I were able to visit with the Philippines Area Presidency and their wives. They were in Salt Lake City for General Conference and I am so thankful that they spent some time with us, and three other new Mission Presidents, to get acquainted and answer questions. I think what I noticed first is how RELAXED they are - do you think I will look like that someday? When our meeting was over, the wives all hugged each other and I realized that the next time we see them we will be standing in Manila, just 11 weeks from now. Wow, Yikes, and Yippee! (all in that order!)

Also included in this busy weekend was the spiritual uplift received from General Conference. I will never EVER tire of listening to the leaders of this church! Many times as I listened to the talks I felt their counsel was directed at me - and before Elder Holland even said "Amen", I was ready to conquer the world. He really knows how to motivate me and fill me with the desire and excitement to serve!

Then to top off the weekend, President Tye and I had a visit from one of our future missionaries. This was my first chance to get my hands on one of our very own missionaries and I think I hugged her so tight . . . she better check for bruises or broken ribs!!! She reports to the MTC in August and we should be picking her up at the Manila airport sometime in September.


  1. I'm so excited for you! You will be great! I can't think of two more great people I would entrust my missionary to!

  2. My son went to your ward today and met President Tye. He reports to the MTC in August. I cried when he came home and told me how great President Tye was. It meant the world to me, I really cant even express.

    1. Sister Christensen, (is that right?) I am so sad that I was sick today and didn't get to meet your son. President came home from church and told me about the visit. He loved it! I am so impressed with the faith of these young men and women who are accepting the call to serve. The Philippines Cavite Mission (the best mission in the world) will be blessed by their strength. We are ready for some miracles!

  3. Yes :) its Sister Christensen. It made me laugh when Connor said, I am going to go show up at my Presidents ward and meet him. He is a great kid. He is so excited to go! Thank you again!

  4. That's my Katie! I love her. She is such an example to us ~ Thanks for sharing.
    <3 Aunt Tammy in AZ