Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Welcome Sign

We received 15 amazing new missionaries today. But that is not all - during the next week, we will receive 4 more! Nineteen new elders and sisters to bless our mission in June.
Cavite Mission is truly blessed!
 Sister Ioteeba
 Elder Biado
 Elder Agbayani
 Elder Cajefe
 Elder Lantano
 Elder Legaspi
 Elder Pagdagdagan
Elder De Leon
Elder Hidayat
 Elder Blanco
 Elder Palacay
 Elder Acera
 Elder Ordesta 
Elder Tarawa 
Elder Eboña
Elder Crichton, Elder Gill & Elder Gill, (brothers), and Sister Carmen will arrive within the next few days

Arriving at the mission office
 President greets Elder Biado and Elder Palacay 
Elder De Leon and Elder Pagdagdagan
Sister Petersen talks about CLS

Meeting Their Trainers
 Sister Fisher with Sister Ioteeba
 Elder Cahan with Elder Palacay
 Elder Tarawa with Elder Richards
 Elder Lim with Elder Blanco
 Elder Espinoza with Elder Legaspi
 Elder Diestro Elder Cajefe
Elder Atok with  Elder Acera
 Elder Eboña with Elder Espinosa
 Elder Agbayani with Elder Gumantay
 Elder Hingano with Elder Pagdagdagan
 Elder Hidayat with Elder Masima
 Elder Lantano with Elder Mansing
Elder De Leon with Elder Leu 
 Elder Macalia with Elder Ordesta
Elder Lucena with Elder Biado

"After All That Has Been Said, The Greatest And Most Important Duty Is To Preach The Gospel."
- Joseph Smith -

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Goodbye Group

Today was our last time to send a batch of missionaries home. This was a big group! They are known as "The Glenda Batch" named after a typhoon that came right through our mission two years ago. These elders rode in a van from the Manila MTC to our Mission Office in the middle of the typhoon. Their first night here was spent at the mission home because transfer day had been cancelled, and they had no where else to go. It was fun to have them back in our home, but very hard to say goodbye!
A handsome looking group of elders!

 Today was also the last time for President and me to go into the Manila Temple. We decided to have a picture taken in front of the temple. So many memories.
 Elder Flitton and Elder Ramos
Elder Lagumbay wanted a special picture with President Tye
 Lunch was at Project Pie. 
 Elder Ramos and Elder Toledo
 Making their own pizza. 
 Elder Matangi
 This reminds me of 2 years ago when they all slept at the Mission Home during Typhoon Glenda

Heading Back To India
After six months of being our adopted elders, Elder Singh and Elder Huskey are going back to India to finish their mission. They are a part of our family now - and we will miss them! Thank you Heavenly Father for sending them to Cavite while they waited for their Visa's to clear. 
Paalam - Ingot Po! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

With Deep Appreciation . . .

Our release papers came via FedEx today. We know it's time - we can feel the three years coming to an end. Nevertheless it is still hard to read the words, "With Deep Appreciation For The Valuable Service..."

Below is our attempt to use the timer on my camera. We wanted a picture of us holding our FAREWELL letter while standing in front of our FAREWELL tarpaulin, but it took us a while to figure out how the timer works. We took some silly pics, but we had fun and
made MORE memories.